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Documentaries > Globalism

Documentaries and Informative Videos.

Zeitgeist Movie With 2010 Updates by: Peter Joseph

Zeitgeist Movie in Parts
Zeitgeist Movie - Part 1:The Federal Reserve - Central Banking
Zeitgeist Movie -Part 2:Ecomony - Cause of the Depression, Elimination of Gold Standard
Zeitgeist Movie -Part 3:The Attack of Pearl Harbor & Financial Bankers of the Nazis
Zeitgeist Movie -Part 4:Mass Media and Educational Corruption and Disinformation, National Sovernty
Zeitgeist Movie -Part 5:RFID Microchips - Real ID Microchips and Human Tracking

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Documentaries > Globalism

"If you are not absolutely disgusted by the treasonous lies and propaganda of the corporate controlled "news" media, you have not been paying attention."

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