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Documentaries and Informative Videos.

The Israel Lobby
Who Controls America? ZOG. In May 2007 Dutch television program makers VPRO created a series of documentaries on the Middle East, the first discusses US involvement with Israel, and Israel's control in American high places.
Length: 49:25

The Israeli Lobby - A Danger To The World - Banned Documentary
[VIDEO] Length: 1:12:11

Israel repeatedly violates the Geneva Conventions by:

• Targeting, killing, and collectively punishing non-combatant men, women and children
• Moving its own population into an occupied zone
• Imposing unnecessary curfews and closures
• Exercising disproportionate use of force
• Refusing to end over 40 years of military occupation
• Expanding and adding Israeli settlements
• Building the Apartheid Wall
• Denying the right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees

U.N.: Israeli Violations Too Numerous to List
11 year old boy used as human shield.
Length: 1:10

It is not a case of two sides with equal grievences. This is a occupier-occupied, oppressor-oppressed. Those implementing a system of aphartied and those living under a system of aphartied.

Shape of the Future - Israel vs Palestine: "Shape of the Future" takes a look at opinions on both sides of the conflict, and discovers a surprisingly similar set of solutions proposed by the people most affected by the conflict.
Length: 1:40:07

Anti Semitism (The Card)

UK Baroness: "The constant accusation of Anti-Semitism"
Baroness Tongue rips into the Israel Lobby, AIPAC, Friends of Israel and the Board of Deputies accusing them of constantly using the accusation of Anti-Semitism to silence Israels Critics where no intention of Anti-Semitism exists.
Length: 2:37

Israel Censoring its Oppression of Christians
Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren called the head of CBS trying to ban a 60 minutes segment exposing Israeli crimes against Palestinian Christians.
Length: 1:29

Open Air Prison
UN envoy: Gaza is an open-air prison
John Holmes, the United Nation's humanitarian chief, has revisited the Gaza Strip, a year after Israel's assault on the territory ended.
"They're living in a kind of open-air prison. They're still suffering this kind of collective punishment they've been suffering for three years now."
Length: 5:29


Stealing Land and Building Illegal settlements
Length: 2:28

War Crimes
Israeli Soldiers admit WAR CRIMES in Gaza
Evidence is emerging from the testimonies of Israeli Soldiers who admit WARCRIMES to place in Gaza.
Length: 4:21

Israel Killing Red Cross Paramedics:
Length: 8:13

Let Us Call On Israel To STOP SHOOTING CHILDREN! Congressman Brian Baird Addressing Congress.

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Documentaries > Israel

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